This page contains resources for parents of young children to use in their sacred task of Christian education in the home.  As more resources become available we will post them here.

Children's Bibles 

My First Message  (children ages 4 - 8)
This is a children's Bible based on the Message translation of scripture by Eugene Peterson.  It maintains the flow of the biblical narrative while striking a good balance between not sugar coating difficult parts of scripture and still keeping things within the bounds of what children are capable of processing.  It is also in very accessible language for young ones.




Spark Story Bible (children age 2 through 2nd grade)
This story bible is a retelling of biblical stories in a children's sermon type format of storytelling.  Although not a direct translation of the text like the My First Message Bible listed above, this story bible still does a good job of telling the stories and it has great illustrations.  Also, although not a complete text of the Bible, this story Bible includes a large number of stories across scripture. 




Spark NRSV Bible (children grades 3 through grade 6) 
This is the next-stage-up from the previous Spark Story Bible.  It is a complete NRSV text. 




Audio Bible Stories 

Rabbit Ears.jpg

The Rabbit Ears Listening Library audio collection includes many great classic children's stories read by great actors and readers such as Morgan Freeman, Emma Thompson, Robin Williams, etc.  Among these are some stories from the Bible.  If your child is already using a digital device such as an iPod, iPad, smartphone, etc., to listen to stories, these are great ones to have.  They also make for good stories for long road trips. 

  • The Creation (Genesis, chapters 1 - 2) -- Read by Amy Grant
  • Noah and the Ark (Genesis, chapters 6 - 9) -- Read by Kelly McGillis
  • Joseph and His Brothers (Genesis, chapters 37 - 50)  -- Read by Reuben Blades
  • Moses in Egypt (Exodus, chapters 1 - 15) -- Read by Danny Glover
  • Moses the Lawgiver (Exodus 20 and following ) -- Read by Ben Kingsley
  • Jonah and the Whale (Book of Jonah) -- Read by Jason Robards
  • The Savior is Born (Early chapters of Matthew and Luke) -- Read by Morgan Freeman
    This is the story of the birth of Jesus in the form of a combination of the birth narratives of Matthew and Luke.  Great to help teach children the story of Christmas.  It's also available as a DVD.
  • Parables that Jesus Told (Collection of parables from the New Testament gospels) -- Read by Garrison Keillor