Bags of Blessing

The BAGS OF BLESSING project gives bags of healthy food to hungry children who do not receive enough food over weekends. Twenty bags (and likely more to come) are being prepared each week at the Church and distributed to middle school students at local schools - Diamond Hill, Cherokee Trail, and Ware Shoals Middle School.  

Monetary donations can be given to Mandy Brown, PW President, or Nancy Bell, PW Treasurer. On Sundays, food donations can be placed in the bin located in the narthex of the church, just outside the sanctuary.  

Can Top3.jpg

WE NEED YOUR HELP with food items.

Items needed each week are:

  • Pop-top Soup (not condensed) Pop-top Ravioli
  • Pop-top Vienna sausage
  • Snack items—chips, crackers, cookies, etc.
  • Breakfast bars—pop tarts, cereal bars, etc.
  • Juice boxes
  • Fruit cups or applesauce
  • Spoons

***Make sure no items contain peanuts***

If you have questions, please send them via this email contact form.


4th Sunday Dinner and Food Collection

Canned goods2.jpg

On 4th Sundays during September through May, we gather after worship for a fellowship meal.  As part of our eating together we also share what we have by collecting food (canned goods and dry goods) for the United Christian Ministries of Abbeville County (UCMAC) and the food bank at the Ware Shoals Town Hall.  UCMAC especially needs us to bring 16oz or 32oz bags of Pinto Beans. 

The children gather the food donations from the congregation during the children's sermon time in worship.  These food donations are then carried to their destinations by designated volunteers.