Bring a Photo to All Saints Worship, Sunday 11/1

We are heirs to a rich history in our church.  Many of you have photos of family members who have gone before you as members of the church, and you may also have beloved memories of the saints of the church who ministered to you though they were not members of your family.  On All Saints Sunday it is appropriate to remember all of these as well as our spiritual ancestors all the way back to the New Testament and through the patriarchs and the people of Israel whose stories we read in the Hebrew Bible. 

So bring a photo of one of your ancestors in the faith and a favorite story to Sunday worship.  

Here are a couple of things to get the conversations started:

  • In 1993 an oral history project on Donalds included stories from Albert Seawright and Robert Drake as well as some other members of the Donalds Community you may remember.  You can watch the video by clicking here.  
  • Here are some photos that I found in the church historical records to get things rolling.  Some of them note who is in the photo, some do not.  Click on a photo to see a larger version