Parents, Great Audio Bible Stories for Children

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The Rabbit Ears Listening Library includes several great versions of stories from the Bible.  The whole series is worth looking at, but these Bible stories are a great way to help children learn and hear the stories of Scripture.  They are available as digital downloads from and, through the app for Android and iPhone you can have the stories on your smartphone or iPod to let the kids listen in the car.  Here is a list of the stories available with links.  You can purchase them through or (Audible is owned by Amazon, so you can login with you Amazon info if you already have an account). 

  • The Creation (Genesis, chapters 1 - 2) -- Read by Amy Grant
  • Noah and the Ark (Genesis, chapters 6 - 9) -- Read by Kelly McGillis
  • Joseph and His Brothers (Genesis, chapters 37 - 50)  -- Read by Reuben Blades
  • Moses in Egypt (Exodus, chapters 1 - 15) -- Read by Danny Glover
  • Moses the Lawgiver (Exodus 20 and following ) -- Read by Ben Kingsley
  • Jonah and the Whale (Book of Jonah) -- Read by Jason Robards
  • The Savior is Born (Early chapters of Matthew and Luke) -- Read by Morgan Freeman.  This is the story of the birth of Jesus in the form of a combination of the birth narratives of Matthew and Luke.  Great to help teach children the story of Christmas.  It's also available as a DVD.
  • Parables that Jesus Told (Collection of parables from the New Testament gospels) -- Read by Garrison Keillor