GPC Church Workday this Saturday, 5/25

Starts at 9am (but early birds are welcome)

Calling all inside workers and outside workers!  We need you at the church on Saturday. We have some cleaning projects and some yard work to do.  
Inside:  we will be getting rid of the scuffs and marks in the hallways, and doing some other cleaning and moving things around.  Outside:  The main task before us for this church workday is to get all of the unwanted vines and sapling trees out of the bushes around the church.  There are also several oak trees trying to get established at the base of our large magnolia.  We also need to pressure wash some spots.  

Here is a list of items we need.  Bring them along if you have them.  

  • work gloves
  • loppers
  • hedge clippers
  • blowers
  • step ladders (for trimming tall shrubbery, for wiping vents inside church)
  • rakes
  • yard trash bags
  • pressure washers (2 or 3) and hoses (extension cords for electric units)
  • at least 1 large extension ladder for getting the wisteria down off the outside of the building, and clearing the gutters/downspouts over the playground
  • Trucks and or yard trailers to haul debris to the convenience center
  • rags and all-purpose cleaner for inside spot cleaning work work
  • willing hands for moving a few things around inside the church

Church Workday.jpg