Sudanese Presbyterian Leaders Released following Imprisonment

Members of the clergy in the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan, a partner church of World Mission, were released after nearly seven months of imprisonment.  Reverend Idris Joshua Idris Nalos and Pastor Trainee David Gayin were taken from their homes on May 19 by armed men identified by Amnesty International as security forces. 

The two were kept incommunicado – without access to lawyers or their families. Their whereabouts remained unknown until their recent release.  Neither Rev. Nalos nor Gayin were charged with a crime. No further details are available regarding their current health.

In support of our partner church in the Republic of South Sudan, leadership within PC(USA) contacted the government there and U.S. State Department on the pair’s behalf.  Also, congregations throughout the United States were encouraged to write letters to the government and offer prayers for the pair’s safe release.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to help those in South Sudan and our partners in their time of need.

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